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Phase 3: Building of Wine Cellar

Building of your Wine Cellar

After approving the wine cellar sketches we will need to decide in what cooling system we should install for your wine cellar.

Ideally your wine cellar should be in the darkest and coolest part of your house. This because we do not want to overwork your cooling system. We want your cooling system to last for many years.

Depending on the place your wine cellar is going to be built. We would need to make a decision on what type of cooling system you need. A ducted or ductless system? The type of cooling system is done before framing the wine cellar.

AABC has expert technicians on cooling systems. We have worked in the Houston area for many years. We know something for sure. The normal calculations for deciding how big of a cooling unit we need do not apply in Houston. We have a hot and very humid weather, especially during summer! That’s why we know what type of insulation and what type of size of a cooling unit you need. Rest assured, your wine cellar is in good hands.

In this stage, we would have to decide if you need a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier will prevent mold inside your walls. If there is moisture in your walls we can have a big problem later. It is recommended that if your wine cellar is not in a basement to install the vapor barrier and insulate the floor as well. All joints need to be taped with moisture resistant tape.


A proper insulation will keep the moist and temperature constant inside your wine cellar. It will help the cooling system not to be overworked.

Rigid foam should be used in non-cement floors. As we stated above, vapor barriers need to be used as well in these kinds of environments.

The recommended values for insulation are R-19 for walls and R-30 for ceilings. Anything less than those values is no Bueno.


The standard for framing is 2x4 and 2x6 studs. You will need more insulation if the wall gets thicker. Remember that the value for insulation is R-, the higher the value the better the insulation.  Before you start insulating we will install the electrical and plumbing for lighting.  

A good solution to have for a vapor barrier is to use a foam for insulation.


The kind of wood should already be decided with your AABC Wine Cellar Construction specialist. The drywall should be a moisture resistant material. For flooring, it is recommended to have tile, stone or brick work. An attractive choice for floor is also a wine barrel flooring.

The material will depend on what type of wine cellar you want to have: Classic wood wine cellar or a contemporary glass walls wine cellar.

Entry Door

We have beautiful entry doors for your wine cellar. Depending on the kind of wine cellar, we will have to determine if it is going to be a wood door or a glass door. We have many examples of contemporary wine cellars or traditional wine cellars.

Decorating Your Wine Cellar

This is the moment were we can add that personal touch into your wine cellar. The sky is the limit for make your wine cellar a statement of your style.
Here are some pointers on what style you want to have:

  1. Traditional
  2. Rustic
  3. Modern
  4. Contemporary

In this stage you will choose the details of your wine cellar to make it exciting and to reflect your individuality. A wine cellar is an expression of your uniqueness of your collection and personality. You could add decorations like lighting, wall paint and trim, custom flooring, custom furniture, custom wine hardware, etc.

AABC is a Houston Based Wine Cellar Builder

We are a Houston based business. We build all the wine cellars here in our shop located in 2019 Clay Street Houston, Texas 77003. We have in-house expert wood craftsman’s and expert technicians on cooling systems. We invite you to visit our shop.

We just do not believe in hiring or subcontracting temporary workers. We have a relationship of trust between our employees. We hire the best people to do their jobs. We want to keep them in-house. We want to give you the best quality work and service. We use commercial grade Made in USA cooling equipment.

AABC will go to your home and advice you what type of wood we have for your selection. We will give you a free estimate. We never charge for going to your house and look at the place where you want to build the wine cellar of your dreams. Let us contact you or call us at 713-224-3333

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