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Modern Design Explained

This style encompass the mid-1900s. We could say that the characteristics for this style is defined by the straight lines, minimalist silhouettes, and natural shapes.

This style has new ways to mold the plywood, aluminum, these are versatile materials that can complement other styles as well.

A modern space tends to follow a strict style format. The modern design is generally seen as cold or stark. Colors lean towards natural and neutral tones.

The Modern Style movement begun in the late 1800s. The creator of the style was the Bauhaus school of designs.

An example of modern design would be a metal coffee table made from recycled materials and a beige couch from natural fabrics.

AABC is a Houston Based Wine Cellar Builder

We are a Houston based business. We build all the wine cellars here in our shop located in 2019 Clay Street Houston, Texas 77003. We have in-house expert wood craftsman’s and expert technicians on cooling systems. We invite you to visit our shop.

We just do not believe in hiring or subcontracting temporary workers. We have a relationship of trust between our employees. We hire the best people to do their jobs. We want to keep them in-house. We want to give you the best quality work and service. We use commercial grade Made in USA cooling equipment.

AABC will go to your home and advice you what type of wood we have for your selection. We will give you a free estimate. We never charge for going to your house and look at the place where you want to build the wine cellar of your dreams. Let us contact you or call us at 713-224-3333

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