What is a Custom Wine Cellar

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What is a Custom Wine Cellar?

AABC has built hundreds of wine cellars in Houston, Katy, Magnolia, Spring, The Woodlands, Kemah and all surrounding areas. We have built commercial wine cellars, classic wood wine cellars, all glass wine cellars and used metal wine racking as well as wood wine racking.

All wine cellars built by us are custom wine cellars. Usually our customers call us and we make an appointment. The estimate is always FREE OF CHARGE. We will go to our customer’s location and asses the location of the future wine cellar. After, looking the location we will give an estimate for your investment on your wine cellar.

Things to Consider for Your Future Wine Cellar

According to our experience, we could say that these are the most important questions you must ask yourself before building your custom wine cellar: Location, How big your wine cellar going to be? and what style of wine cellar you want?


First, we ask our customers where would you like to install your wine cellar. The location will affect the overall investment amount. Some locations are easier than other ones. We have installed custom wine cellars in the following locations:

  1. Under the stairs
  2. The middle of a kitchen
  3. Middle of a Room
  4. Pantry
  5. Second Floors
  6. Spare Room

We would like to state that these are not the only locations that you might want to add your wine cellar. We can build your wine cellar anywhere you wish.

The best locations are the locations that you want! You tell us where and we will make it happen.

How Big is the Wine Cellar Going To Be

You need to ask yourself this question. How many bottles you want your wine cellar to hold? This also will affect directly where you want your wine cellar. We will assess your chosen location and because we have so many years of experience we will discuss if that location can hold your target number of wine bottles.
Be aware that there are different kinds of wine bottles. Your wine cellar design will have the bottle size considerations before building your wine cellar.
Also, under this point to consider, we must consider the size of your wine cellar and for this reason as well we need to get a capacity for your cooling unit.

What Style Would You Like to Have

This depends entirely to you. We have some guidelines of what are the styles available:

Modern Style

The modern wine cellar style is a wine cellar that is build entirely with glass doors and glass panels. Usually we use metal racking for this type of wine cellar. We can also use cable racking to make this wine cellar look more modern. Here we show some pictures on how is a modern style wine cellar designed:

Classic Style

The classic style is characterized because it is build entirely with wood. This style will give your wine cellar a warm and cozy feeling. We have different kinds of wood that we can use for your wine cellar. We will show you the wood available when we start looking at your design. Below we are including some pictures of a classic style wine cellar:


Your wine cellar also can have a combination of the 2 styles, there are customers who wanted their wine cellar with wood inside and beautiful glass panels for outside. In that way your wine cellar is available to everyone to see your beautiful design from outside. We present you some pictures where the client choose a combination for the design of their wine cellar:

AABC will do all this legwork for you. We will submit our proposal with the final investment. There will be no upcharges or hidden costs. We have many years in our field and we have an excellent reputation among our customers, just check out our testimonials to know more.

If you have any questions, please call us: 713-224-3333 we will be happy to assist you. Or let us call you.

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