How To Build Your Wine Cellar

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How to Build Your Perfect Wine Cellar

Having a perfect wine collection is not all we want. We must also have a place to store those precious bottles. Besides storing them, we want to display them with character and reverence they deserve. AABC Wine Cellar Builder will do that with you.

Traditionally wine cellars were built in attics or in basements. These chambers would have good protection from humidity, light, temperature and humans.

We have listed some items to know on how to create your own wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Definition

This is a wine room, a wine room is a self-contained space. Usually, we build wine cellars in spare rooms. We transform these rooms into wine rooms. For example, underneath the stairs, a pantry, an unused room, etc. The best place to have a wine room in your home is a spare room that lacks of natural light. We would start our design process by locating your room and asking you how many bottles you wish to store.

When we see your intended room to be transformed we will do an assessment. We will study if there are structural changes needed, insulation replaced, how big it is to calculate the capacity of the cooling system.

AABC has installed wine cellars in basements, pantries, under the stairs, specific location in a new construction, etc. We can convert that room that you have not been using into a beautiful wine cellar.

Popular Wine Cellar Installations

One of our most popular installations are glass wine cellars. Glass wine cellars are a beautiful way to display your wine collection. These installations are modern and versatile. We could create these popular categories: wine walls and pods.

These installations are popular in homes that don’t have a spare room to convert into a wine cellar. Wine pods are enclosed wine cellars inside a home. We usually enclose them in glass.
In conclusion, AABC will build the wine cellar you want. We will give you expert professional advice on the location, materials and refrigeration system you need for your expectations.

If you have any questions, please call us: 713-224-3333 we will be happy to assist you. Or let us call you.

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