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Factors That Could Change Wine Quality

Historically wine cellars were built in the basements of houses. Hence a wine cellar is a place where you protect your wine bottles from heat, light, vibration, humidity and robbery. We will analyze each one of this factors.

Let us remember that the main purpose of having a wine cellar is to preserve the wonderful qualities of the wine: smell, color, aroma, taste, etc.

On the other hand, we also want to entertain our guests showing our wine cellar to them. We want to show them the beauty we have devoted our time and money to attain. Hence, a wine cellar needs to be beautifully handcrafted as well. What’s more, your wine cellar design must match the overall design of your house, lifestyle and personal statements.


Let’s face it, Houston is very humid! AABC knows how to control this factor. We have been in business since 1984! AABC started as an Air Conditioner Company. Now AABC still works as an AC company but it has branched as a wine cellar builder company.

Humidity can rotten the cork and then afterwards the cork would not work as intended. The cork is used to prevent oxygen to be in contact with the wine. When air is in contact with wine it starts a process called oxidization. This will change the qualities of your wine. Either dry climate or humid climate both are not good for your corks. They will dry or get rotten and air could come inside the bottle ruining your collection.

We use commercial grade insulation and the best vapor barrier your wine cellar would need. Experience and technology combined to give you the best wine cellar.


Wine is photo-sensitive. U/V rays will change the molecules of your wine, changing their properties and changing the wine taste. Wines ideally should be situated in a dark room. Fortunately, this factor will take a long time to affect your bottles unless of course they are outside on the open.

The glass wine cellar model will be the one that exposes the most light to your wine bottles. However, it takes up to 10 years for this type of light to start affecting your wine bottles.


The problem with vibration is the sediment will get disturbed over and over. That is a point to consider when having a wine cellar with a cheap cooling unit. Cheap cooling units tend to have more vibrations. Hence, they will change the aging process of your wines.


This is one of the fastest ways of ruin your wine. Wines have to be at the right temperature and they have also to be in a constant temperature environment.

Wine exposed to bad temperatures will ruin faster than anything. Wine will become sour and undrinkable!

Low temperatures will freeze the wine and tamper the cork. Later, oxygen will go inside the bottle. The process of oxidation will start ruining your wine.

If the bottle is exposed to hot temperatures the wine will get cooked or spoiled fast. Wine bottles and wine cellars should never be built near a fire place.

The ideal temperature for your wine cellar is between 45 – 64 Fahrenheit degrees. One of the most important factors when dealing with temperature is consistency. No big swings of temperature in your wine cellars. It is ok to be in those boundaries for temperature, the important factor is to make it constant. When having big swings of temperature the cork will expand or contract fast letting oxygen come in inside and oxidizing your wine.  

Lower temperatures are recommended for having your wine age slowly releasing all beautiful aromas and tastes. For this reason, it is recommended to keep your wine cellar in the cooler side of those ranges.


Wine bottles can be very expensive. Individually or in a group, wine bottles can be worth thousands of dollars. We want to protect your investment. We have all sorts of devices we can install on your wine cellar to make it secure. We can start with installing a beautiful wood door.  That door can have a lock, the lock can be finger print recognition device or with a pad where you can input numbers to open the lock. From simple locks to finger print recognition we can install any security device that might be of use to keep your wine bottles safe.

If you have any questions, please call us: 713-224-3333 we will be happy to assist you. Or let us call you.

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