Points To Consider When Buying a Wine Cellar

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Points To Consider When Buying a Wine Cellar

Unique tailor made wine cellars are our main business activity. We will build a custom wine cellar to match your taste and budget. Design, build and install a wine cellar can be inexpensive, we will match price with utmost quality.

We are stating some directives to consider at the time of shopping for a custom wine cellar. Remember you want to end up with a wine cellar that you will cherish and will endure the test of time.

Research the process of storing wine

If you just got inside this page, be happy! You started with an exciting path of knowing more about wine cellaring. There are plenty of resources around to know more about wine and wine storage, for example Wikipedia

Research the company you are thinking to hire

A wine cellar is not just a closet wine. It is not easy to construct, design and install. There are many factors that you need to protect your wine from, for example: humidity, temperature, light, etc. Before you commit to any company, ask them if they’ve made wine cellars in the past, and better yet ask them what they know about wine storage in general. Be wary of anyone who has a “It’s not rocket science” attitude. After all, are they going to replace your wine collection if the cellar they build ends up being faulty? From what we’ve seen, it’s unlikely that they will even fix your cellar. We have many customers calling us for fixing their wine cellar. Be ware.

Ask questions about materials

Be ware of cheap pricing. Cheap prices would mean cheap materials. Also, if the price is high, ask about the kind of materials you are getting for your cellar. The cellar needs to be hermetically sealed to maintain the temperature inside constant and also needs to have a proper cooling system depending on the dimensions and number of bottles you will be storing in your wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Door

Many people states that your wine cellar door is one of the most overlooked parts of your system. The door is the weakest point in a wine cellar. Do not use a regular door, a regular door will warp and bend. A better choice will be an exterior door. You need to ask about specifics on how it is going to be sealed.

Do you research upfront. You don't want to have to fix your cellar a couple of months later after the construction of your wine cellar. Find a local based business. Ask for referrals. And most of all have fun learning about this exciting science of preserving and storing wine.

If you have any questions, please call us: 713-224-3333 we will be happy to assist you.

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