Points To Consider When Buying a Wine Cellar

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Mistakes to Avoid When Having a Wine Tasting

Going out for wine tasting is an adventure. This should be a really enjoyable experience. For this reason, we want to give you some tips on what to do when going out for wine tasting.

Holding the wine glass

Think about a wine glass. Image its shape. Usually wine glasses have a stem, a base and where the wine gest poured, the container. We should by all means hold the glass by the stem.

The most important reason to hold the wine by the stem is because we do not want to transfer our body heat and warm the wine. Heat will affect the smell and taste of the wine.

Right Temperature

Red wine should not be served at room temperature, white wine should not be served cold. This are misconceptions on how to serve the wine.

  1. Red Wine should be served at 60 to 70 degrees
  2. White wine should be served at 50 to 60 degrees
  3. Rose 50 to 60 degrees
  4. Sparkling wine 40 to 50 degrees
4 Ways To Quickly Cool Your Wine To The Perfect Temperature

Time of Decantation

Decanting is letting the wine breath. This means letting the wine have contact with the oxygen. Usually we recommend to have the wine in the decanter for 30 minutes before enjoying it.

Letting the wine decanting any longer will affect the flavors negatively.

Wrong Storage

As a recommendation, your wines should be stored in a cool, dark place. This is the best way your wine will last.

For more information click on learn how to store wine article.

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