How to store your opened wine bottles

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Learn How To Store Your Wine Properly

We all have had a situation where they party is over. We need to clean the kitchen, and now we need to decide what we are going to do with the opened wine bottles. One thing that comes to our minds is that we do not want to waste this precious liquid or we do not want to convert it into vinegar. So what can we do with the opened wine bottles? How can we store them?

The Process

Wine will start oxidizing thanks to our atmosphere. Our atmosphere has 21 percent of oxygen. The wine will start reacting with the oxygen and a process called oxidation will unavoidably start. The oxygen will start reacting with the polyphenols (polyphenols are in charge of giving a wine its color) and other compounds.

We can witness this process in a fast manner when we leave a banana opened in our kitchen. The banana will start getting black because of the oxidation process. Wines will lose their freshness. White wines will start changing into an apple cider tasting liquid.

We should not confuse this process with another process that helps wines to improve its flavor. That process is called decanting. Usually we want to have 2 hours of decanting to achieve the best results.

Our task is to prevent the wine to have a reaction with the oxygen. There are several methods to do this. I will list some of them here:

  1. Pumps (like the Vacu Vin)
  2. Cans of tasteless and odorless gases (Private Reserve)
  3. Leaving the bottle in the wine cellar

According to some resent tests, we can say that the best method is to put back the wine into your wine cellar cooling unit, the second is the cans of tasteless gasses and the worst will be using the pump.

AABC Wine Cellars and rooms can install a wine cooler inside your wine cellar. This unit will have a different temperature than the rest of your wine cellar. The wine cooler unit will be cooler to preserve those opened wine bottles. We have several models for your convenience. We will install them in your wine cellar. Ask us to have a free consultation about the wine cooler of your preference. We love wine and we want to preserve it as much as you do.

If you have any questions, please call us: 713-224-3333 we will be happy to assist you. Or let us call you.

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