Points To Consider When Buying a Wine Cellar

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Learn How To Store Wine Bottles Properly

We now that we need to be careful to store wine. It is a precious liquid that can be spoiled for several reasons: humidity, temperature, light, etc.

Understanding how to store your wine bottles is also a factor that will improve the life span of your wine. This will help you to design your wine cellar with AABC wine cellars and storage.

Wine connoisseurs agree that the two main factors to determine your wine quality is temperature and storing position.

Wine Temperature

Wine should be stored in a cool, dry place with constant temperature of 70 Fahrenheit degrees or less.

Wine can be spoiled at a different temperature. Wine is a fermented liquid made of grapes, having a higher temperature will make the wine ferment more.

When a wine has been exposed to higher temperatures the smell will be of fruit and raisins.

AABC Wine Rooms is a Houston based company with expert climate control engineers. We know about cooling systems. We have been in this business since 1997. AABC uses commercial grade refrigeration and air conditioner systems. We build the wine cellar racks here in town in our own shop. We do not contract labor ever. Everything is local made. We will visit your house and give you a free consultation on what can be done with the space you want to use for your wine cellar system. Contact us for more information.

Wine Bottle Position

Storing your wine bottles in the upright position is the wrong way to do it. The cork of the bottle is used to prevent the wine to have contact with oxygen. We need to make sure that the wine keeps contact with the cork. When it is upright, the wine will not be in contact with the cork. The cork seals the bottle, having constant contact with the wine and the cork allows to seal the bottle.

If you have any questions, please call us: 713-224-3333 we will be happy to assist you. Or let us call you.

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